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What's the Difference Between Modern Design and Classic Waffle Weave Towels?


Classic Waffle Weave Towels and Modern Design Towels are both made of 100% Natural Cotton and come in a variety of colors and sizes.  They are both absorbent and dry quickly, but feature different fabrics and different styling.

Classic Waffle Weave is made with fabric that most people will be familiar with as a "kitchen towel."  It features small, even waffles with two bands of smaller waffles woven in at each end.  The ends are formed with the towels and simply hemmed, so the towels are all one piece.

Modern Design Waffle Weave is made with a fabric that features jumbo waffles, with a wide lattice in between each waffle.  At each end, a band of tiny waffles is folded over and sewn onto the towel. 

After washing, you'll notice a difference too, as the towels shrink to form the classic honey- combs that are the hallmark of waffle weave. The Classic towels form smaller honeycombs, making the towel feel a little thicker.  The Modern Design towels will shrink into large honeycombs, but because of the wide lattice, they'll feel a little smoother and softer. 

Both are amazing towels, so the choice of Classic vs. Modern is mainly a choice of style.