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What to Expect from Your Waffle Weave Towels:

Before you order waffle weave towels, you should be aware that they are very different from terry towels.

In a terry towel, the fabric is woven into loops that absorb water, and hold onto it, drawing it away from your body, and holding it in the towel.  The thicker the towel, the slower it is to dry.  

In a waffle weave towel, the fabric is woven into a very unique flat weave that will form small honeycombs after washing.  

These honeycombs draw the moisture away from your body, but because the weave itself is flat, the water evaporates much more quickly, and the towels dry much faster.  

In order to form these honeycombs, our 100% cotton towels will shrink after washing, and often they'll continue to shrink for the first several washes. 

We plan for this shrinkage by making the towels very over-sized to start with.  After several washes, they'll stop shrinking and should end up in more standard towel sizes.

If in doubt, we recommend that you order a washcloth or hand towel before you commit to larger towels, and try them first.  Sorry, but we cannot accept returns of washed towels.